Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things Matt Heard Last Night

I don't want to be here anymore! Waaaah! Let's escape!

Waaaah! Is that my brains?

Now I know what my guts look like! Waaaaah!

Don't let the doctor touch me. He will take my blood, and then I will DIE!!!

Last night Grace was climbing onto a Rubbermaid bin in her closet. The bin gave way, and Grace fell, her leg smashing into the dresser corner on the way down.

Her skin *gag, wretch, gag* ripped. She didn't get cut, the skin just ripped open.

Matt took her to the ER where she patiently waited to be stitched up.

*by patiently, I mean screaming bloody murder the entire three hours, and having to be strapped down to the bed in order for the doctor to look at her

Grace is feeling much better today, thankfully. It was a long night, and I and glad to have my happy girl back. No more dangerous climbing for her, no sireee.

Except this morning when I saw her climbing onto the bunk bed, without using her hands. And I almost fainted.


PS. For those wondering about how to make your photos bigger in Blogger, I posted on it here ... .


Christie's Mom said...

Wow. Instead of calling it the Trauma Center maybe they will re-name it the Drama Center after Grace's visit. Poor Grace.....and poor you and Matt......and poor ER doctors and nurses

Jen said...

The ER is a freaking scary place. I think I almost had to be strapped down last time I went too. Poor kid.

Mad Props to Matt for taking her.Did you RO SHAM BO (rocks, paper, scissors) for it?

tonya said...

Oh dear. Poor Grace (and Mama and Dad!) ER visits are always torture. I think I was inspired to go to nursing school because God knew I was going to have all of these boys. I'm getting pretty good at the patch up jobs.